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What is embedded shopping cart


An embedded shopping cart (or embedded checkout or embedded commerce), refers to integrating e-commerce functionalities directly within another platform or website, seamlessly blending the shopping experience with the existing user interface. In simple terms, this means that it's like having a store inside your website, where customers can add products to a cart and make purchases without being redirected to a different website. This saves businesses a ton of time and money when they don’t need to run two different websites and can turn their existing website into a sales channel.

By embedding an ecommerce solution, businesses can enable customers to make purchases, add items to their cart, and complete transactions without redirecting their customers to a separate e-commerce website. This streamlined approach enhances convenience, reduces friction, and provides a cohesive user experience, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and boosting sales for businesses across various industries.

Why choose embedded shopping cart over a separate ecommerce store?

While there isn’t such a thing as a solution that is perfect for everybody, there are certain situations where it’s possibly a better solution to embed a shopping cart to your website.

→ If you already have your products (or services) explained and visible on your website and just want to have a shopping cart functionality (and not build another website!)

→ if you want to get both orders and requests for quotes through the same website. With AddCart you can add this functionality to your website in minutes

→ If you don’t have the possibility to invest both large amounts of money and time to create, develop and maintain a separate ecommerce store

What are the key benefits of an embedded shopping cart?

    • Seamless customer experience: with embedded commerce, yous customers can complete their entire buying journey without leaving your website (or platform). This eliminates the the need for your customers to navigate to another website and jump between websites to complete a simple purchase. This results in better user experience
    • Faster implementation: setting up a completely new ecommerce store often involves significant amounts of time and effort (not to mention about money). Development costs, hosting, maintenance etc add up to a large amount of money fast. On the other hand, embedding a commerce solution to your existing website  you can reap the benefits of ecommerce, saving valuable time and money.
    • Consistent branding: maintain a consistent brand identity, when embedding a commerce functionality to your existing website opposed to redirecting your customers to separate ecommerce store
    • Bonus! Lower costs: Building and maintaining a separate ecommerce store required upfront investment, but also ongoing expenses such as hosting, security and platform fesds. Embedded commerce gets your up n running faster.

AddCart’s Embedded Shopping Cart key features

Seamless Integration: AddCart's embedded shopping cart software effortlessly integrates with any website, regardless of the CMS or technology used. Say goodbye to complex and costly implementation processes and hello to a streamlined, hassle-free setup.

Easy Implementation: With our intuitive interface embedding a shopping cart has never been easier. Spend less time on development and more time on growing your business.

Lightweight and Fast: Our shopping cart is designed to be lightweight, ensuring lightning-fast loading times and a smooth user experience. Don't let a clunky shopping cart slow down your sales—choose speed and efficiency.

Customization Options: Tailor the look and feel of your shopping cart to align perfectly with your brand identity. Our software mimicks styles from your website, allowing you to create a seamless, cohesive shopping experience for your customers.

Secure Transactions: Rest assured that your customers' data is in safe hands. Our embedded shopping cart utilizes state-of-the-art security measures, encrypting transactions and safeguarding sensitive information. With Stripe payments infrastructure you know your customers money are processed through the best platform in the biz.

Mobile-Friendly: Tap into the growing mobile commerce market. Our embedded shopping cart is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers on smartphones and tablets.



Mikko Seppä
Mikko Seppä


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