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Add shopping cart to website

You have a product(s) you want to sell online and a website already in place. Now how can you turn your existing website into a sales channel to get orders?

While traditional ecommerce apps require you to set up another website for the store, there are luckily better ways to turn your existing website into a store.

Add AddCart Shopping cart to your website in minutes

AddCart lets any website owner turn their existing website into sales channel, but adding a shopping cart to their existing website. As long as you have access to your website template or have Google Tag Manager (or competing alternative) in place, you can install shopping cart to your website in a few minutes.


How to add shopping cart to your website?

  1.  Sign up for free account in
  2. Install AddCart code snippet to your website through Tag Manager and complete the onboarding tasks (payment methods, tax rules etc).
  3. Update your website sales Call To Actions to add product to shopping cart
  4. Start selling! All this takes less than one hour. 

If you run into any troubles, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Mikko Seppä
Mikko Seppä


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